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Kennewick Tree Service

Our team at Kennewick Tree Service is a group of hard-working professionals who are passionate about trees, nature, and our environment. Our care of trees is so deep that we are dedicated to making changes within our industry to make it a more economically friendly service. This is to not only retain the quality of our own community but also for the greater good of our planet as a whole. We are not in the business of having one-off clients to make a quick buck, but rather to provide the deep care your plant life needs to thrive. Not only does this provide our clients with value for their money, but also helps to improve the overall appearance of their property when their trees are happy and healthy.

Diagnosing and Treating Tree Issues

Expert Tree Pruning and Trimming Services

Rapid Response for Storm Damage

Having studied the anatomy of trees for many years, our team at Kennewick Tree Service is in the perfect position to be able to provide the premium tree care services our residents need. Each of our team members is highly skilled in both their knowledge and their ability to operate the required equipment to ensure you get the best finishes in the quickest times. Our passion for our industry has helped word of our services spread quickly throughout our community, resulting in rapid growth. This has seen our business become one of the most reputable and recognized professional tree care service providers within the whole of Washington. We look forward to continuing to service our community with our set of skills.



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