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For the bigger trees on your property, we find that tree cabling and bracing can be a great preventative method to avoid your tree causing damage to your property. Not only does this help your tree to grow in such a way that works well for the appearance of your property, but it removes the worry associated with wondering how it will grow and if it will cause any potential damage to your property or surrounding areas. Here we will describe the process of both tree cabling and tree bracing and how these services provide a great benefit to the clients within our community.

Tree Cabling

Tree cabling is a process that uses the strength of tree branches to support other weaker branches through the use of cables. To do this we install a series of cables or singular cables in places throughout the tree to promote the growth paths. The cables are designed to be inconspicuous enough that your guests will hardly notice them, but noticeable enough so that you can see that the required support is still being provided to your tree. Our team of professionals will come out to assess this regularly and will advise if any parts of the tree need to be removed to ensure your safety.

Tree Bracing

Tree bracing is another method of securing the weak branches of a tree, however in a much more invasive manner. Tree bracing completely restricts the ability of a branch to move with the wind, ensuring that it is held securely at all times by the brace. This is the ideal solution for trees that need urgent assistance. If a tree gets to this point, it will likely require removal at some point if the weakness spreads throughout the entire tree.

Early Detection

One of the most dangerous things about weak branches within trees is that it can be completely undetectable to the average person. This is why it is always best to have a professional tree care provider tending to your trees such as Kennewick Tree Service. Our experience working with trees for several years has enabled us the ability to detect weakened branches and identify if they need support, or need to be removed. This is an exceptionally valuable service as it has the potential to save thousands of dollars in damage to your property and even save a life. Don’t risk it, have your tree assessed by our experts.

Established Trees

Tree cabling and bracing are methods that are used to secure large branches of old and established trees to ensure their safety. We use these processes to try and save trees where possible as we know that our old trees provide a sense of character within our properties. If you have an established tree that you think may require support, please contact our team as soon as possible for our expert opinion and advice.

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