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Our team at Kennewick Tree Service is committed to keeping our clients’ trees well-maintained to enhance the appearance of their property. We have a wealth of knowledge that allows us to provide the best possible tree health care you could find within Washington. In this section we discuss a few areas of tree maintenance, how we provide these services, and why they are important to ensure a long prosperous life and protection of your property.


As trees are living things, they grow at their own will. Sometimes they can get a bit out of hand if we aren’t regularly taking care of them and stopping them from overgrowing. Our team is skilled in providing pruning services that focus on removing only the troublesome branches, ensuring that you are still left with a full, healthy, and luscious tree, just without the overgrowth. Having pruning services regularly can allow our experts the opportunity to pick up on early warning signs of disease within your tree, which will allow us to take proactive measures to save it.

Disease Prevention

One of the best benefits of having a tree expert maintain your trees is the knowledge they hold. Our team has many years’ experience working with and taking the time to understand tress, in specific common diseases that can become apparent within them. With a regular maintenance service provided by our team at Kennewick Tree Service, we can thoroughly inspect your trees. If we notice any signs of disease within your tree, we are always sure to communicate this with you and advise of the best path of action. If we get onto this early we are generally able to save the tree, however, if it does result that your tree requires removal, we will be sure to offer you solutions.

Overall Health

As a main part of tree care and maintenance, we provide overall health assessments for your trees. This includes checking they are getting the required nutrition, strength testing, testing of the soil, checking branch growth patterns, and root assessments. The purpose of these overall health assessments is to ensure that your tree is strong and healthy and is not likely to pose a hazard to your property over time, or even during the next big storm. If we find there are issues with the integrity of your trees, we will guide on the best path of action to ensure the safety of your property and the people within it.

Maintenance Agreements

As we have discussed above, it is crucial that your trees are being cared for by a professional regularly. This is to provide protection to your property, your family, and your clients, having the confidence that your trees are being cared for by the best in the industry. To make regular servicing easier for our clients, we offer advance scheduling and discounted prices for long-term agreements to add additional value.

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