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If you want to keep your property in its peak condition all year round, you need to ensure that you are having regular trimming and pruning services provided by your local professionals. Not only do trimming and pruning services protect your property, but it also helps to keep your trees healthy and full of life. Here we will answer common questions such as ‘What is the difference between tree trimming and tree pruning?’ as well as outline the importance of having these services regularly and the benefits they will provide you with.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a service that is dedicated purely to enhancing the appearance and growth of your tree. Regular tree trimming is generally undertaken by people who have a great sense of pride in the appearance of their property, to ensure that it looks its best at all times to increase the visual appeal and value of a property. Even if you are not looking to have your trees millimeter perfect, regular trimming provided by an expert helps to prevent your tree from growing wild and unruly. Tree trimming is like a trim that you would get in a hairdresser, just a little bit off the ends and not a complete makeover.

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning differs from tree trimming is its main focus is to protect your trees. This service must be done by an expert in the industry who can identify any potential health risks to your tree. This is a process where branches are cut back or removed to prevent disease. Another helpful part of tree pruning is that our service experts can identify any weak branches that could be a hazard to your property and have them removed. Kennewick Tree Service is experienced in recognizing which tree branches require removal to ensure that your tree is not over-pruned and looking bare.

Regular Services

To ensure that your trees are getting the best possible health care available, we strongly recommend that you regularly have them attended to regularly. This can help prevent diseases from spreading throughout your tree as our team can pick up on them and treat them in the early stages. As well as the health benefits of regular services your property appearance will also greatly benefit. To make this a more affordable option for our clients, we offer discounts for loyalty and services set out annually in advance.

Appearance of Trees

We know that many people within our community put off their tree pruning as they don’t want their trees to be ruined, as they have seen with other companies before. When you engage the services of Kennewick Tree Service, you can have confidence that your trees will come out on the other side of the service looking even better than before, also having the additional room they need to grow. We have perfected the technique of trimming and pruning to avoid any bare and unsightly-looking trees.

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